Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Like a glove...

Got the call this today that my car was dropped off at my dealer yesterday. I took the afternoon off and went down to pick it up. It may as well have been teleported directly from Amsterdam to my dealer. The EU license plates were still on; the shipping label was still in the dash; all the highway stickers were still on the windshield.

Needless to say, the car felt like a warm glove when I got back in and drove off.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Any day now

Got word from my sales advisor that my car was released to the trucking company this afternoon. It could be any day next week when it finally shows on his lot. Obviously, I am hoping for Monday.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Feet Dry!

My car was unloaded in Brunswick today. Now it's in the lap of the gods how long it will take to clear customs and get to my dealer. Some people have been reporting week-long customs delays, so it could still be another 2 weeks or so before the car shows up on my dealer's lot.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bon Voyage!

It didn't make the boat on the 10th, but it did get loaded today on the "Elektra." 20 days until she makes port in Brunswick after stops in Gothenburg, Sweden; Zeebrugge, Belgium; Southampton, UK; Halifax, Nova Scotia; and New York, NY.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Some bad news...

Just got some bad news. Turns out my car will not be leaving on the big boat today. It looks like it will be leaving on the 16th, arriving in Brunswick on the 5th. Dammit!

Monday, June 7, 2010

I got an interesting phone call while in the McD's drive through line

So I was in the drive thru line at McDonald's this morning and got an interesting phone call. It was Doug, the gallery owner back in Winchecombe. We talked about that painting that we liked so much and he allowed as how he would get back to me regarding finding a shipping agent.


I really miss BA Club World

Our vacation is over.

Today was about as much of a waste as our adventure to Andechs was two weeks ago. Since our flight out of Heathrow wasn't until 3pm, we decided to get one more sight in on the way to the airport. Since we didn't get any word from the art gallery about that painting, our morning got freed up a little.

We had two choices: Blenheim Palace or a city walk around Oxford. We chose Blenheim Palace since we didn't want to get caught up in finding city parking in Oxford and whatnot.

After breakfast (have I mentioned the fried bread?) we loaded up and headed out. Blenheim Palace wasn't too far, but when we got there, it was complete chaos. Evidently, they host some huge triathlon this weekend every year. There were mobs of people trying to get into the grounds (both tourists and athletes) and people were parking in the fields. We made a strategic decision to give Blenheim a pass and head to Oxford instead.

Oxford wasn't very far from Blenheim, and since we weren't really prepared to visit here, I was completely unprepared for finding parking or what there was to see or anything. We drove into the center of town and made an attempt at parking in a public garage, but ultimately decided just to bail out and head to the airport. That way we wouldn't be rushed to find a place for lunch or to return our rental car or to check in.

Turns out, that we bumbled around a bit finding the car rental return (our EuropCar supplied SatNav system had issues finding the EuropCar Heathrow location, who'd a thunk it?), so having that extra time really helped out with the stress factor.

The only drama we had getting home was that Angela forgot to put her little picnic knife into her checked luggage. The people screening the carry-on baggage looked at her like "what were you thinking trying to bring a knife on the plane?" Of course, the had to confiscate it. The fight was OK, but after having come over in BA's Club World cabin, anything less is just plain uncivilized.

Our reentry into the USA was very smooth, by Hartsfield International standards; with the exception of the jar of jam that Angela bought at Heathrow that she tried to get through in her carry-on bag. See, in ATL, you have to collect your baggage, go through customs, then recheck it to the main terminal. Because of this, you have to go back through a security line with x-rays and metal detectors like when you first check in. Since the jam counted as a liquid, and since it was obviously more than the 3oz you're allowed, they took it, too. Thanks, DHS. Hope you enjoyed your toast with jam.

Another vacation over. This one was really fun because the weather was so good the whole time. We were able to do almost everything we set out to do.

I got word that our car is set to be shipped on the 10th; with a Brunswick arrival on the 24th. It's looking good that I'll get my car back by the 4th of July weekend.